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Be happy- live happy



Here you can find information and offers for a happy and successful life from the holistic practice “Be happy- live happy” is possible for everybody! (Completely independent of the following offers)


I am glad to be able to give to you - caused by my long-standing experience and the cooperation with colleagues - a lot of different information and offers.


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If you have suggestions, criticism or questions, feel free to contact us.


Legal notice:

The intention of the following pages is to educate and to entertain. They are not intended as a substitute for a medical or psychiatric treatment.

You are responsible by yourself how you handle the information (and your life).


Completely independent of the legal aspect we recommend you to be critical with all information (no matter if it comes from us or someone else) and to question it.


The following pages are for self-help, self-realisation and personal education. They may help you to live more aware and joyfully.


Important notice:

The english version from “Be happy- live happy” is still under construction. Therefore it may be interesting for you to return time by time finding new information and offers here…


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